International Aşçı Dede Ateş Baz-I Veli Symposium

We will hold the 1st International Aşçı Dede Ateş Baz-I Veli Gastronomy Congress in Konya in September 2020.

In this symposium;

  • Participation fee is not demanded in the congress
  • The best paper awards will be given to the owners of the top 3, as a result of the award committee's evaluation. All accepted papers will automatically be evaluated as candidates for the best paper award. Postgraduate students will be evaluated in a separate category (the abstract and documents verifying that they are students should be sent with the submission of papers).
  • All abstracts and full texts will be passed through the referee process. Abstracts that do not get the approval of the scientific committee will not be included in the program.
  • Abstracts will be published on the home page in digital media.
  • Following the congress, the papers of the scientists who wish will be published free of charge as a book section by the international publishing house that will be prepared independently of the symposium.
  • Congress will be organized by the international efficiency criteria determined by YÖK (Council of Higher Education). In addition to the invited speakers from 12 different countries, respected academicians of our country have been also invited.
  • The presentations will be made both in Turkish and English at congress.

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